LICORES Y CREMAS LIZANO S.A. was constituted in 1990. Since then it started the production of liquors and liqueurs. These have been flavored by the inspiration and the warmth of tropical leaves, seeds, flowers and fruits. The production at all of them follows strictly the international requirements, processes and standards.

This gave birth to the dream of a visionary food technologist who had dedicated previously all of his knowledge and effort to his very well-known Costa Rican family business in the food industry.

In 1990 the company started producing four liqueurs; including two with a milk base. Nowadays, it´s production includes two flavored vodkas, three rums and many exotic liqueurs to complete a line of thirty-one different products.


The company is engaged with the clients and their demands on quality, variety and the prompt attention to their needs. This is of course, closely watching the quality and the productions details.


Our vision and goal is to be the Latin American company with the widest variety of products.  This can allow us to enter different international markets in the liquors business.